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Our Story

In July, 2016, pastor Brad Reiches was in Papua New Guinea facilitating the translation of the New Testament into the Ontenu language when war broke out amongst the eight clans.
Incredibly, Brad was asked to help negotiate a peace agreement, which he did...AND IT WORKED!

Sadly, however, the agreement didn't last and civil war has ravaged the Ontenu people. 500 men and boys are dead.  1000 homes have been destroyed.  Their only school is burned to the ground and their water supply completely decimated.

Pastor Brad returned to PNG in September of 2022 to witness an incredible transformation.  The Ontenu people, just a few generations removed from headhunting and cannibalism, have once again been re-established in peace.  Amazingly, complete reconciliation has resulted and total forgiveness has been given one to another.

Brad is dedicating the next 10 years of his life to helping the Ontenu Tribe rebuild.  He calls it:  A DECADE OF DESTINY! Will you please help?

Get to Know Us

GodthoughtsGlobal is a nonprofit 501(C)3 corporation, classified by the IRS as a 509(A)(2) public charity,  GodthoughtsGlobal seeks to serve the world by meeting the basic needs of people. Specifically, water, housing, and education.

Our service is humanitarian. We are currently singularly focused, dedicating all of our efforts over the next ten years toward the Ontenu Tribe of Papua New Guinea, whose Tribe has been decimated by war.


  1. Build a water transport system.

  2. Build 1000 homes.

  3. Build a school for their children.

  4. Build a community/training center.

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